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Toilet repair

A working toilet is always a necessity, and a home or business without one is absolutely uninhabitable. At J&G Industrial Supply, we offer the tools and parts to ensure that any toilet problems can be fixed efficiently, without home or business owners having to make alternative arrangements. With our incredible selection of supplies like closet flanges, flappers, floats and tank balls, flush and fill valves, tank levers, toilet seats, plungers, and repair kits, you can find the exact part you need at a reduced price and avoid a fruitless search at a nearby hardware store.

There's nothing more frustrating than working on a broken toilet, finding that you need a new part, and heading to the local hardware store only to be confronted with an incredibly limited selection. Staring at the rows of shelves, none of which seem to have what you need, you may start to wonder if the thing you are looking for even exists. The problem with these types of stores is that they have a little bit of everything, but don't specialize in anything. That's where our online inventory can save the day! With an extensive collection of the most obscure parts you could ever need (as well as all the common ones), you can order ahead of time and skip the trip.

Having trouble figuring out which supplies you need? Call us at (856) 718-9027 or contact us here. Our experts will help you to explore our inventory, and offer explicit recommendations for which brands and types of parts would be best for your particular needs. Looking for more than just toilet supplies? Check out our other bathroom parts, electrical supplies, HVAC supplies, Janitorial supplies, and more!

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